The weakness of an erection may occur when insufficient blood is received by the two blood vessels lining the male organ. It is one of those prominent attributes of men to have a hard erection at all times but somehow the breakdown and inability to exhibit it has made many incomplete and ashamed. At is always the case quite a number of attributes are considered as players of this disorder. To mention some, one may say an unhealthy artery system in and around the corpora cavernosa deters blood flow no matter the pressure and excitation by the nerves. The texture of the muscles and fibrous tissues within corpora cavernosa fails to relax to let blood flow for some unexplained reasons.

The male organ is one of the most sensitive parts of a man body and must always be in good condition and properly supplied with nutrients. Any signs of discomfort are noticeable and if not attended to, bring with it the guilt and coldness of a man's spirit. Talking about the male organ and any other male reproductive traits may be a very personal matter but where matters are likely to hamper growth of a relationship, a fixture must be found.

Penile disorder is easily detectable and many symptoms come out life on the surface without any preemption. Minor interferences during urination or slight jerks of muscle spasms during sexual activity require attention. Muscles show signs of internal stress with pain and inflammation of the skin and the glans. At times there is foul smell and sores development, bleeding, pain when the fore skin is extended and retracted and general pain during sexual activity. In worse off situations, abnormally long erections are felt taking a few days to subside.

This inability to keep an erection for long during love play has quite a number of causes. The foremost is disruption of blood flow to the veins and total failure of the membrane (tunica albugunea) to hold release valves tight for the blood that is already in. This organ in short cannot synchronize the two events well and assert itself. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic ailment that if not suppressed early damages the nerves and may proceed to disrupt other organs of the body. The poorer the nerve services in the body, the worse vital operations become. Disorders associated with the pelvic area are many; prostate cancer treatment or surgery usually impairs sexual organ stimulation.

Causes and Symptoms:

Erection in normal human beings involves central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, psychological and stress related factors, genitals itself and hormonal and vascular components. On touch, smell or auditory or visual stimulation brain sends signals to the base of the spine where nerves monitor the blood flow to the genitals causing stiffness in the male reproductive organ and maintaining it afterwards. Any hindrance to this process may cause a weak or complete lack of stiffness to cause erectile dysfunction.

There are few psychological reasons which may lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction. One of the most common psychological causes of ED is performance anxiety, this is related to one's apprehension for failure, if a person fails to perform during lovemaking act once, regardless of the reason, this failure may cause psychological distress to cause further failures. After a certain age, depression and anxiety also hinder the normal process of the body to cause problem of erectile dysfunction. Relationship with the partner, feeling of fear or getting caught during the act or fear of pregnancy also cause this situation where male does not get sufficient erection to perform. Stress at work, insecurity whether related to finance or career or any other issue or to relationship, also cast negative impact on male's performance.

Amongst physical causes of erectile dysfunction high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cardio-vascular disease, prostrate cancer, low hormone levels and diabetes are few commonly associated reasons. Though these diseases account for the problem of ED but when controlled by medication or exercise do not cause any further problems. Some respiratory or systemic diseases like scleroderma which is thickening of skin, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure and obstructive pulmonary disease are known to cause erectile dysfunction.

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Malnutrition or bad eating habits may also cause problem of ED. Lack of zinc in the diet or zinc deficiency also causes this problem, eating too much junk food and lack of exercise may cause numbness in the nerves attached to spine and male genitals, prolonged tobacco use particularly smoking may also cause ED. Hormonal imbalance causing lack of testosterone hormone production or excessive prolactin hormone secretion cause this problem. Hyper or hypothyroidism also cause hormonal imbalance and promote erectile dysfunction. Certain medications commonly used to treat other medical conditions like anti-depressants, medicines for high blood pressure, antipsychotics and antiulcer drugs may cause problem of ED.

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