Hypertension or high blood pressure is the leading cause of death in the world today. The bigger danger with hypertension is that the person suffering from this condition may not even realize that he or she is suffering from this condition until it may become too late. Hypertension itself is a very dangerous condition; but it can cause drastic damage to the liver, brains, kidneys and the heart. The damage to these vital organs is the most important cause of death.

Causes of Hypertension (Rakta Gata Vata)

Since hypertension can be caused by the vitiation of any of the three doshas, the causes can be different too. The following is a list of exacerbating factors of hypertension in the perspective of the three doshas.

Hypertension caused due to vata dosha can be increased due to mental anxiety, tensions, stress and worries.

Hypertension caused due to pitta dosha can be increased due to strong emotions such as anger, shock, hatred and jealousy.

Hypertension caused due to kapha dosha can be increased due to malignant factors such as malfunctioning of the vital organs.

The causes of the medical types of hypertension, i.e. essential and malignant hypertension are as follows:-

Essential hypertension is mostly idiopathic, i.e. its cause is unknown. However the following factors are strong indicators of the disease:-

Aging, due to which the systolic pressure of the heart increases

Diet, such as one rich in fried and salty foods

Hereditary factors

Malignant hypertension can be caused due to host of problems with the vital organs of brain, liver and the kidneys. Renal fibrosis, Cushing’s Syndrome, adrenal gland tumors, Wilm’s tumor are just some of the conditions that can cause hypertension. However the most prevalent causes are kidney problems such as renal failure, renal vascular obstruction or glomerulonephritis.

Diet for People with Hypertension:

All the three doshas are responsible for the aggravation of blood pressure causing hypertension in the human body. Hence the diet to be taken must be a tridosha pacifying diet. The following dietary guidelines must be followed:-

The patient must not be given any hot and spicy food which will be difficult to digest.

Salt should be curtailed in the diet. Expert studies have found out salt to be the biggest culprit in people with high blood pressure problems.

Red meat must be avoided.

Chocolates and sweets must be kept as far away from the patient of hypertension as possible.

Hydrogenated oils must be totally eliminated from the diet. But ghee and butter prepared from cow’s milk can be given. Buffalo milk is to be avoided.

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Carbohydrate-rich vegetables must be taken in order to facilitate easy movement of bowels. This will reduce constipation, which aggravates the vata. Useful vegetables for people with hypertension are bitter gourd and drumsticks. Colocasia and yellow pumpkin must be avoided.

Among fruits bananas, guavas, apples and oranges are considered to be beneficial.

Cereals and pulses must be reduced.

Dry fruits can be eaten without any harm.

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