More recently, Chinese sports teams, while working with Chinese scientists, came across Cordyceps; they had been looking for performance enhancing dietary supplements for their teams. What the herbalists found was one of nature's most incredible secrets; a secret of energy enhancement so incredible, it led Track and Field News to say: "They (the Chinese) appear to have come up with the greatest quantum leap in human performance in history".

It may be virtually impossible for most top athletes to compete in any sporting event with those athletes who are using this earth-shaking discovery. Many athletes feel that the old playing field is gone forever while experts are saying that the supplement has set athletics in other countries back twenty five years. Serious athletes are saying it is better to eat this potent supplement than to eat the dust of their competitors.

Take 1 kg. of tamarind seeds and soak in water for 4 daysRemove outer husk (skin) and grind or pound them when still soft, and then dry in sun; and then powder it again and sift or sieve and add equal quantity of sugar and preserveTake 4-5 gms. out of this mixture, mix it with ghee and a little honey and eat it early in the morning daily for 40 consecutive days; your semen will be considerably thickened.

Males afflicted with premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse should take this treatment as this treatment, though simple, is very effective and rewarding. Sexual vigour in males can be considerably increased by daily eating a mixture of powdered Tulasi seeds and jaggery, and drinking milk foam over it for 40 consecutive days. Two teaspoons each of roasted and ground methi and coriander seeds mixed with milk and butter and taken every night for a month cures impotency.

A paste of tamarind seeds applied in the vagina is said to improve the relaxed walls and heightens the pleasure during orgasm in women if applied an hour before conjugal union.

Tamarind seed powder mixed with pure sindoor (kum kum) and honey if applied on the penis half an hour before conjugal union increases retention. A paste of boiled tamarind seeds applied in the relaxed vagina contracts the passage during sexual intercourse.

The human body builds up and maintains healthy cells, tissues, glands and organs only with the help of various nutrients. The body cannot perform any of its functions, be they metabolic,hormonal, mental, physical or chemical, without specific nutrients. The food which providesthese nutrients is thus one of the most essential factors in building and maintaining health.

Nutrition, which depends on food, is also of utmost importance in the cure of disease. The primary cause of disease is a weakened organism or lowered resistance in the body, arising from the adoption of a faulty nutritional pattern. There is an elaborate healing mechanism within the body but it can perform its function only if it is abundantly supplied with all the essential nutritional factors.

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It is believed that at least 45 chemical components and elements are needed by human cells. Each of these 45 substances, called essential nutrients, must be present in adequate diets. The list of these nutrients, include oxygen and water. The other 43 essential nutrients are classified

into five main groups, namely carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. All 45 of these nutrients are vitally important and they work together. Therefore, the absence of any of them will result in disease and eventually in death.

Research has shown that almost all varieties of disease can be produced by an under-supply of various nutrients. These nutritional deficiencies occur on account of various factors, including the intense processsing and refining of foods, the time lag between the harvesting and consumption of vegetables and fruits, the chemicals used in bleaching, flavouring, colouring and preserving foods and the chemical fertilisers, fungicides insecticides and sprays used for treating the soil.

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