Sexual weakness could be related to erectile dysfunction (inability to obtain a full erection) or premature ejaculation (reaching the orgasm too fast). It is a common issue with many men and was considered a taboo before, but with a right treatment things can be easily worked out. Causes for any sexual weakness could be physical like sexually transmitted diseases, nervous debility, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal disorders, alcohol abuse or other drug abuse, enlarged prostate and certain medications or non-physical like any psychological problems, depression, anxiety, stress, guilt or trauma.

Symptoms of Sexual Disorders

An aversion to or lack of desire to have sex.

An inability to become sexually aroused. In men this is referred to as erectile dysfunction.

The inability to achieve an orgasm. In males this may be divided into those who ejaculate prematurely and those who can not, or ejaculate but take an inordinate amount of time to do so.

Pain during sex and a condition known as vaginismus, in which the vaginal muscles tend to contract whenever they sense that an object is being inserted in the vagina.

Sexual Weakness In Men

Sexual weakness is an inability to perform sexually so as to be able to obtain complete satisfaction in spite of having the desire to do so. In men, sexual weakness manifests itself in the form of erectile dysfunction or impotency. In women, however, the cause of sexual weakness is a fear of the act or complete disgust or dislike for the act itself. Sexual weakness can be extremely devastating for both men and women alike.

Sexual Weakness Causes

The state of mind and circumstances play a vital role during intimacy. The fear of being unable to perform in bed or the fear of an inability to satisfy ones partner is the main cause of sexual weakness. Over expectation and stress also contribute to sexual weakness. Illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, nerve damage, neurological disorders, and prolonged medication can also result in an ability to get through the whole act. A general feeling of being unwell or depressed, over exertion, fatigue and tiredness can also affect an individual’s frame of mind, and that in turn affects ones ability to perform. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana can hamper ones sexual abilities, and dampen ones sexual desires.

Find powerful herbal remedies For Sexual Weakness

Home Remedies And Natural Cure For Sexual Weakness

Physical intimacy plays a vital role in strengthening relationships and both partners play an equally important part. A level of comfort, understanding and love between the partners is essential in order to be able to achieve complete contentment in bed. Before getting into bed, being relaxed and composed plays a crucial part. A hot bath with a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil will help in energizing the body and intensifying sexual desire. Lavender oil and Anise oil are also known to increase sensitivity, especially in women.

Deep breathing exercises and meditation are also known to benefit sexual performance. It is essential to take it slow and not be over expectant and anxious. Foreplay holds a very important place in sexual satisfaction, especially for a woman, as it is during this time that the actual bonding takes place.

It is also essential to bear in mind that in men, the penis is responsible for the climax while most men fail to understand that in women the clitoris is the main source of climax and complete satisfaction may not be drawn through penetration. However, if you still find yourself sexually weak in spite of making various changes to improve your sex life, consulting a doctor is recommended in order to treat the condition.

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