Mumps refer to a virus infection of the salivary glands, gonads, and, occasionally, other parts of the body. It is an infectious disease that occurs most frequently in children and young persons between the ages of five and fifteen years. Most persons have mumps only once in their lives, but one person in ten may have a second attack.

Symptoms of Mumps:

Soreness or swelling of the parotid glands on one or both sides. Discomfort may range from vague tenderness to obvious pain when opening the mouth or swallowing

Fever, usually lasting about two to three days

Sore muscles

Loss of appetite


Earache that is aggravated by chewing

In men and adolescent boys, swelling in one or both testes (often subsides within four days)

Aversion to light, lethargy, and a stiff neck (which may indicate meningitis)

Upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting (which may indicate pancreatitis)

Lower abdominal pain in women (may indicate swelling of the ovaries, which is rare)

Treatment for Mumps

Drink plenty of fluids and eat properly. The diet should be light.

Pain relievers may be used for comfort.

For most children, the swelling in their glands goes away in a week. Any child with mumps should not return to school or day care for 9 days after the start of parotid swelling.

Home Remedies for Mumps

Mumps treatment using Chebulic Myroblan

Chebulic myroblan is one of the most effective remedies for mumps. A thick paste should be made from this herb by rubbing it in water. If applied over the swelling, it will provide relief.

Mumps treatment using Peepal Leaves

The leaves of the peepal tree are another effective home remedy for this disease. These leaves should be smeared with clarified butter and warmed over a fire. They should then be bandaged over the inflamed part for beneficial results.

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Home Remedies For Mumps

Mumps treatment using Indian Aloe

The use of the herb Indian aloe is a wellknown remedy in the indigenous system of medicine for any inflamed and painful part of the body. A piece of a leaf of this herb should be peeled on one side, warmed and then sprinkled with a little turmeric (turmeric) and the extract of Indian barbery (rasaut), and then bandaged over the swelling.

Mumps treatment using Asparagus

The seeds of asparagus are valuable in mumps. These seeds, combined with an equal proportion of fenugreek (fenugreek seeds) seeds, should be ground together to the consistency of a paste. This paste can be applied over the swellings.

Mumps treatment using Ginger

Dry ginger is considered beneficial in the treatment of mumps. It should be made into a paste and applied over the swollen parts. As the paste dries, the swelling will be reduced and the pain will also subside.

Mumps treatment using Margosa Leaves

The leaves of margosa are also useful in the treatment of mumps. The leaves of this tree, combined with turmeric (turmeric) should be made into a paste and applied externally over the affected parts. This will bring good results.

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