Every man wants a bigger penis and there is a time in any and every man's life where he does think about his penis size and is always on the lookout for thing which can help him enlarge his penis. There are several safe ways of enlarging your penis but they do not work on every person. Also the results may vary from person to person as some people are more receptive and others aren't to such techniques. Read on to discover some of the best ways to enlarge your penis and achieve the desired results.

Weight hanging- This methods involves the use of weight to enlarge and stretch your penis. This should not be done unless you have a good penis hanger tool. These tools are available on the market and can be easily bought. Remember never use too much weight at first always use light weights and increase slowly as your penis starts adapting to the change.

The hand stretch- This is a simple penis enlargement technique where you only need to use your hands. This is one of the best and the safest way to enlarge your penis and achieve the desired results. Stretch the head of your penis straight outward in front of you and hold it for about 6 seconds. Now pull it towards the right and hold it for 6 seconds again you would feel pressure on the left side. Than pull it towards the left and hold it again for 6 seconds. Finally use the same procedure and pull it down and hold it for 6 seconds again. Repeat all the steps above and do it at least 10 times to enlarge your penis and see the desired results.

Make it look bigger- Another way to make your penis seem bigger is to shave off your pubic hair. Do you know that shaving off your pubic hair makes your penis seem like its gained 2 inches in length.

Penis Enlargement Exercises:

There are several techniques and exercises that are available today. These exercises are simple ones that can be carried out in the confines of your home or bathroom. Of course, at the beginning, you might want to carry them out under medical supervision. These exercises are the most commonly used types of penis enlargement techniques, and are the most common answer to the query, how to enlarge penis.

Natural Penis Enlargement Medicines:

There are several medicines that are available today for enlargement. These medicines can either have chemicals and other ingredients or might be natural in their constitution. Natural medicines are suggested for the simple fact that they are natural and would not be as harmful to the human body as others might turn out to be.

To find out the right kind of enlargement exercises, consult your doctor or visit the various medical officers that offer information about how to enlarge penis. Remember that there is no one exercise that works for all and you would need to check out a couple of exercises before you decide on one that is perfect for you.

It is a bit difficult to find the right kind of enlargement medicine, because there are several companies that would say that they have the best medicine, but their medicines might be nothing but a placebo. The best way to decide on the best medicine for penis enlargement is to look at the ingredients and find out whether they really have a positive effect on penis enlargement.

Also, some medicines might have some ingredients which might cause some side effects or ulterior effects on your body. So, before you decide on any medicine, make sure that you consult your doctor.

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Last, but not least, you can always consider shaving the area. That helps in several ways, as I described in another article. Anyway, the purpose of shaving that area is to make sure that the penis looks and feels as large as possible. You can always use some exercise as well and combine them with the pills, but the impact of shaving your pubic hair will probably be several times greater. When you think about it, that only takes 10 minutes; you don't need seven days for it, so make sure that you are going to leave this for the last couple of hours.

If you' re looking up information on how to enlarge your penis naturally, you have probably already come across the word jelqing a few times before. Jelqing, an ancient ritual from the Middle East, has changed countless men over the centuries by providing them with an all natural method that can effectively make a penis larger. As it only mainly makes use of the bare hands, it' s also earned its reputation as the economical method. This is probably why jelqing still remains to be one of the most popular ways to get a bigger penis.

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