Cholesterol is one of the important elements in the body. Produced in the liver, it is a yellowish fatty substance which performs functions such as transportation of fat, providing defense mechanism, protecting red blood cells and muscular membrane of the body. Cholesterol is also produced from the food which is consumed. The normal level of cholesterol varies between 150 - 200 mg per 100 ml, an increase in which, results in high cholesterol. The most common symptoms of high blood cholesterol are general fatigue, excess sweating and feel of uneasiness, pain and heaviness in chest area and breathlessness. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, eating high fat diet, obesity and heredity factors are some of the causes for high cholesterol. However, high cholesterol can be controlled at home using certain home remedies. Learn more on how to treat high cholesterol naturally.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol symptoms are usually an indicator of other problems, because symptoms connected with high levels are actually the end-result of conditions such as coronary disease, stroke, or peripheral vascular disease. There is so much attention given to this problem that there are few adults in the U.S. who are unaware of the affects on high cholesterol levels. Anyone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and is overweight is a candidate for this dangerous condition. It can happen with folks who are at their ideal weight and who exercise regularly, but it's certainly less likely.

Among the most common problems that could be termed high cholesterol symptoms is coronary disease. Chest pains, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and a variety of other symptoms can indicate coronary problems and should be checked out. For the person with a history of elevated cholesterol levels, these could be warning signs to get things under control. They could also be symptoms of over-exertion, emotional stresses, or even overeating, so a person should not jump to conclusions. A check-up by a physician is the only way to determine for sure what's going on.

Home Remedies for Cholesterol

The patient suffering from high blood cholesterol should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily as it stimulates the excretory activity of the kidneys. Good Home Remedy to Lower Cholesterol.

Onion juice reduces cholesterol level and works as a tonic. It cleans blood, helps digestive system, cures insomnia and regulates the heart action & helps in lowering cholesterol. This is a good and simple home remedy for cholesterol.

A mudpack applied over the abdomen improves digestion and also improves the functioning of the liver and activates kidneys to promote excretion.

Oat bran 14 is also highly beneficial in lowering the cholesterol levels and is one of the useful home remedies for cholesterol.

Steam baths are also beneficial but the persons suffering from circulatory disorders and hypertension should not use this water treatment.

Cold hipbaths for 10 minutes taken twice every day have been proven beneficial. Another Good Home Remedy to Lower Cholesterol.

Cholesterol treatment - Yogasanas like ardhamatsyaendrasana, shalabhansan, padmasana and vajrasana are also useful in lowering blood cholesterol.

Regular drinking of coriander water also helps in lowering the blood cholesterol as it stimulates the kidneys. This is a useful cholesterol remedy.

Soy products or soy compounds known, as isoflavones are the best to regulate the cholesterol levels in the blood. They act as human hormones.

Sunflower seeds are also highly beneficial in regulating the cholesterol levels and is good herbal remedies for cholesterol.

Regular exercise also plays an important role in lowering the bad cholesterol and raising the good cholesterol levels. This is one of the best cholesterol treatment.

Coriander seeds act as good cholesterol remedy. In 1 glass of water, add 2 tbsps of coriander seeds and boil it. Let the infusion cool for some time and then strain it. Drink this mixture thrice in a day.

Foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fats like eggs; organ meats, cheese, butter, beef, whole milk and vegetable oils should be consumed less. This is very useful diet for cholesterol.

A rich fiber diet is recommended for the patients with high blood cholesterol levels.

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15 Almonds 16 and Walnuts 17 are also effective to lower cholesterol and act as natural remedy for Cholesterol.

Diet for cholesterol - Diet high in vitamin B6, choline and inositol are also effective in reducing blood cholesterol. Wheat germ and yeasts are the rich sources.

Lecithin is a fatty food substance that is highly beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels. Egg yolk, vegetable oils, whole grain cereals, soybeans and unpasteurized milk are the best sources of lecithin. This is one of the useful cholesterol treatment.

Boil 10 pieces of cinnamon sticks (2.5cm each) in 5 teacups of water and put a tablespoon of honey and drink this when it is hot. This is very effective natural remedy for cholesterol.

Studies have shown that Guggul (Indian bedellium) can lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, while maintaining or improving the HDL to LDL ratio 18. Suggested product: Morpheme Shuddha Guggulu Veg capsules.

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