You will find free male enhancement exercises on the Internet and, occasionally, included with other male enhancement products. On the Internet, the free male enhancement exercises often serve as an enticement to purchase more expensive products. These exercises are usually the “beginner” exercises in a complete male enhancement exercise program.

The following exercises don't require any particular equipment. For this reason, they tend to be more popular than the exercises that require special gear.


endowmax, male enhancers The jelq technique, also know as milking, is one of the most effect and natural male enhancement exercises. To begin, make sure your penis is only 70-80 percent erect. A fully erect penis can be harmed during the jelq technique. Plenty of lube, like KY jelly should also be applied to the penis. Create an okay sign with the thumb and forefinger and place at the base of the penis. Apply pressure then pull down the length of the shaft towards the head. Stop right at the head and switch hands. Each stroke should take three seconds. It is best to start off with 100 jelq strokes, gradually increasing to 500 in a month or so. Don't over do it, and the jelqing technique may work for you.


This particular male enhancement exercise has a number of benefits. Because the primary focus of ballooning is holding back the urge to come; it can stop premature ejaculation problems and increase stamina. On the other hand, preventing yourself from ejaculating makes some men feel extremely unsatisfied. The ballooning technique is counter to men's true natures and therefore difficult to master.

To begin the ballooning technique, practice holding your ejaculation during sexual activity. Simply place your palm over the glans of your penis during orgasm and prevent ejaculation. (Sounds messy, doesn't it?) If you practice this penis growth technique frequently, spongy tissues will stretch and expand over time. The ballooning technique takes a lot of commitment but it pays off. Some men even experience 1-3 inches of penis growth using this technique.

For other male enhancement exercises, take your penis by the head and stretch it in different directions (up, down, left, right and straight out) and hold for several seconds. Be sure to use plenty of penis massage oils for these warm ups.

Male Enhancement Exercises Tips

Be sure to warm up the penis prior to any male enhancement exercises. For example, with the jelqing technique, you will need to soak a towel in hot water (not scalding hot mind you), and wrap your penis in the towel for a few minutes prior to exercising.

Lubrication is also very important during male enhancement exercises. Lubes like baby oil, olive oil or Vaseline are great for most male enhancement exercises.

Keep track of your progress with a Penis Growth Chart.

Don't forget, a larger penis won't make you a better lover. Once these male enhancement exercises have worked, be sure to learn how to use your maximized member to give your mate the ultimate in orgasmic pleasures.

When they are offered “free” with other male enhancement products, the free exercises may be the only effective part of the package. Some exercise routines that claim to enlarge your penis do work, and have been proven in scientific clinical trials. But many of the products you see advertised for male enhancement have not been proven to work.

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For example, pills, potions or patches have not been shown to be effective in permanently increasing penis size. Some of them may be effective in helping men attain an erection, but if attaining an erection enlarged your penis, you would not be reading this.

Other pills may include vitamins, minerals and herbs that can improve the overall health of your urinary or reproductive system. They will benefit your health, but they will not enalrge your penis.

Such products, which are not effective in penis enlargement by themselves, may include a set of quality penis enhancement exercises. If you take the pills and perform the exercises faithfully, you will gain in penis length and girth, assuming the exercises are genuine and effective. But it will be the exercises themselves, not the pills, which have caused the gain.

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