Eye is the most sensitive and the most beautiful part of our body. Eye needs lots of care and attention, especially in this hectic life style. Spending most of hours in front of computer systems, and with so much pollution in the atmosphere, eyes-related disease, poor vision, and irritation in eyes have become common. Today it has become very important for everyone to give proper care and attention to this delicate sense organ to keep it healthy and beautiful. This article will explain in detail about the effective home remedies for eye care.

There are different kinds of eye infection caused due to age, infection, lack of rest, etc. Some of these infections are conjunctivitis, blood-red color of eyes, cataract, etc. All these diseases are caused due to different reasons and infection.

Important Yogas and Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Clean eyes with pure cold water. This is a very effecting way to keep eyes healthy and disease free. One best asana for eyes is, fill your mouth with cold water and store it. Clean your eyes with fresh water, and take out the water from the mouth.

Used tea bags are another effective home remedy. Just put plain tea bags over the eyes. This not only reduces the inflammation, but also will reduce eye swelling.

After sitting continuously for 4-5 hours in front of computer, there is a severe pain in eyes. Blink your eyes 5-6 times. This will give quick relief.

Sit straight and take a long breath. Rotate your eye balls clockwise and anti-clockwise 10-15 times each. Your eyes are relaxed.

Similarly, rub your hands together and cover your eyes; the warmth coming from the hand palm relaxes eye tissues and gives fast relief from pain.

If you are working for more than 5 hours in front of computer, simply close your eyes for 10 minutes and start looking to some other place or object, other than computer.

Home Remedies for Eye Care - Treatment for Eye Care

Given below are some of the valuable and effective home remedies for eye care and it will keep eyes free from disease and infections.


Potato plays an important role in keeping eyes healthy and is very good for eye care. Take small rounded piece of potato and put it over your eyes. Leave the potato slice for 10-15 minutes and then remove it. It keeps eyes stress free and lustrous. This is one of the important home remedies for eye care.

Kheera (Cucumber):

Cucumber too plays the same role as potato. Keep small round slice of cucumber over your closed eyes. Keep it for 10-15 minutes, this will relief from eyes pain and stress. One of the important home remedies for eye care.

Find powerful herbal remedies

Natural Remedies for Eye Care

Green vegetables and fruits:

Fruits rich in Vitamin A are essential for healthy eyes and proper eye sight. Citrus fruits, milk and other milk products along with vegetables like tomato, spinach are good for eye care, and make eyes healthy.

Gulab (Rose) petals: Eye Care Tip

Take 9-10 petals of fresh rose, mix it with raspberry leaves, and put this in a glass of water. Allow it to stand for few hours and then wash your eyes with it. This gives fast relief to the day-long tiring eyes. It also is a great medicine for the treatment of cataract.. This is one of the best home remedies for eye care.

Apart from all the above mentioned home remedies, one should always avoid his eyes getting dried. Dry eyes cause severe pain and later result in severe eyes infection. Hence, always wash your eyes with cold water 3-4 times a day, especially when coming from outside. Another important thing that should never be avoided is intake of fluid like water and freshly prepared fruit juice. Water and other fluids have lots of positive effect in keeping eyes and the entire body system healthy and glowing.

Herbal Supplements for Eye Care

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