Treatment involves rectifying the underlying causes of body water retention. A low dose of diuretic (water pill) may be prescribed to reduce swelling. In more severe cases of water retention, where the blood vessels are blocked or damaged, surgery may be required.

Natural Remedies for Water Retention

Natural and holistic treatments provide gentle water retention remedies. Those seeking a natural remedy for water retention may use herbs such as Uva ursi, Horse chestnut and Buchu for their excellent diuretic properties. Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) and Olea europea help to balance blood pressure, assist liver and gall bladder functioning and improve circulation.

First off, you should realize that the cells in your body are filled with excess water. So the best thing to do is to reduce and block off fluids in your cells. Here are some common herbs and vegetables in your kitchen that can help you banish water retention in a snap.


This herb is native to the eastern parts of the Mediterranean. While it is mostly used for cooking, anise has been known to have properties that can help in digestion, relieve flatulence and increase urine excretion. As a diuretic, this herb can prove to be beneficial against water retention in women.


This is another plant that can trace its origins back to the Mediterranean. A part of the carrot family, parsley has always been a mainstay in the kitchens of Greeks and Romans. Its main use is as a spice and vegetable. But it also has been known as one of the best remedies for water retention. Experts recommend drinking tea made from about two teaspoons of parsley.


This herb has been used in the kitchen since the early civilizations, particularly by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Interestingly, they have also found onions to be effective in ailments like arthritis, fever, colds and even baldness. Today, onions continue to play a big role in every kitchen. As for water retention, naturopaths recommend drinking onion juice to ease off bloating or excess water in your system.


Everybody knows garlic. But knowing its effectiveness against water retention is another story. Garlic is one potent herb that can help get rid of toxins in the body. By flushing out toxins and other wastes, your body also eliminates excess water in the cells.

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Apart from the herbs and vegetables mentioned above, it is also wise to read the labels on packed or canned goods. Put particular attention to the sodium content on processed foods, and make sure that you do not exceed the recommended daily allowance for sodium intake.

Also, it is a good idea to simply put the salt shaker away. As much as possible, lessen the salt in your food. If you want more flavors for your meals, you can do trial and error with popular herbs and spices to improve the taste of your food.

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