If you are looking for male potency herbs then your sex life isn't what it used to be and what it should be. As men age erectile dysfunction gets affected. It's important that you do something about it. Many women have been known to leave their partners or husbands or have affairs simply because they sex life is a little bit lackluster. I don't want that to happen to you so I'm going to give you the best advice I possibly can to help you transform your sex life so that you actually become the best lover she's ever had.

Change Your Sexual Mentality

One of the most logical thing to do in order to stop yourself from regularly ejaculating too early during sex is to change how you approach sex itself. You see, lovemaking is not just about pure penetration - it involves giving your partner sexual pleasure through other means. By learning the different techniques of using foreplay and oral sex while making love, you can start experiencing a better and longer-lasting time in bed, every single night!

Strengthen Your Sexual Physiology

This is no secret at all. Simply by strengthening the core muscles responsible for your sexual activity, especially your PC muscles, you can gain a much better control of your ejaculations. With your PC muscles conditioned, holding back your ejaculation will become almost effortless to you, leading you to go on longer without having to release your load too soon.

Enhance Your Sexual Health

Most guys ignore or tend to forget about this particular aspect of their sex life. It is crucial for you to keep yourself sexually healthy by taking in the right nutrients in your daily diet. There are a lot of every day foods which contain these critical nutrients; including them in your meal or snacks can easily skyrocket your sexual endurance by several folds!

You Can Increase Sexual Stamina Naturally

Since premature ejaculation is mostly psychological, there is a way to naturally boost your sexual stamina using only natural methods and ways. In order for techniques to be effective they have to re-condition your body and brain for long-lasting sex. And the best part, the improvement you will be yours forever to keep and enjoy because your performance is not dependent on any pills, creams or sprays.

Effective Ways to you can Increase Sexual Stamina:

Start-and-Stop Technique

Start-and-stop technique is a very powerful way to increase sexual stamina and form a habit to last long in bed. This technique can be performed during sexual intercourse or when masturbating alone. This is what you do:

1) Have sex or masturbate as you normally do, but pay attention to your arousal level.

2) Stop all stimulation and pull out (if you are having sex), as soon as you feel you are getting really aroused such that ejaculation will come within next 30 seconds.

3) Relax and wait till you regain control of your arousal and urge to ejaculate goes away. For sexual intercourse, I recommend change sexual positions in this time and/or give your partner oral sex during this time.

4) Resume sexual stimulation.

5) Repeat the above steps as many times as you want.

Pressure Point Technique

This technique originated in ancient China and as you know Chinese knew everything about pressure points. This point is located in between your anus and testicles. Nowadays, we know that PC muscle is located there and it controls your ejaculation reflex. Follow these steps to perform the technique:

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1) Have sex or masturbate as usual.

2) Moments before ejaculation, apply pressure on the pressure point. As a beginner you should stop all the sexual stimulation, however in the future you will be able to perform this technique without stopping in-and-out motion.

3) Keep applying pressure until the urge to ejaculate is gone. This might take as much as 30 seconds. Note: beginners should apply the pressure for 10 extra seconds to make sure ejaculation is not going to happen.

4) Resume your sex or masturbation.

5) Repeat this technique as many times as you want.

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