Do you have night sweats when you are having candidiasis? This article will explain night sweats treatment for those who are at the same time have candidiasis. Many people suffer night sweats and they are happy because they are not alone and that all the symptoms are not in the head, like most conventional doctors would like you to believe! If you suffer from it, I understand how you feel about it. Believe it or not, many cases that the doctor suggests that you should see a psychiatrist because he thought that you are a hypochondriac! It happens sometimes and I know it really makes you upset.

Environmental Night Sweats Causes

Sweats at night are not uncommon and people suffer from these episodes for many different reasons. Sometimes it can be as simple as having too many blankets on during the night or the heat has been set too high. These are obvious problems and can be easily fixed.

Hormonal Night Sweating Causes

It is also common knowledge that many women suffer from sweating at night while going through menopause. Some women suffer very mild forms of hot flashes and night sweats while others might soak through a set of sheets each night. Some more recent evidence even suggests that men may experience a bit of a phenomenon some refer to as andropause, which also features a degree of hot flashes.

Medical Causes for Sweating At Night

Other reasons you might have bouts of profuse nighttime sweating are medical issues like low blood sugar, infections, immune diseases, problems with your endocrine system, and different types of cancers. You might also suffer from night sweats due to medications you may be taking. Anti-depressants, hypoglycemic agents and hormone replacement therapy medicines are all known to have increased sweating as a side effect. Obesity, low blood sugar, smoking and alcohol have also been linked to causing night sweats.

Treating Your Night Perspiration

There is no actual cure for sweats at night. Because there are so many factors that can cause these episodes, the "cure" or treatment will vary from person to person. Generally though, there are some tips that might help anyone who suffers. First, refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking. Secondly, follow a healthy diet and maintain an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index). This will also help you to keep your blood sugar from dropping. Be sure to keep acid reflux at bay and maintain a healthy blood pressure. If you suffer from sleep apnea or insomnia, get treated for these as they can cause sleep hyperhidrosis as well.

As you can see there are as many things to do to treat night sweats as there are things that can cause them. If your episodes persist, see a doctor to determine the cause and follow his or her advice on how to stop them.

The good news is that there are plenty of treatments for hot flashes. The place to start is with what you eat and drink. Stay away from caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and spicy foods as much as possible. Decreasing the fat in your diet may also help although the effects are slow to show up. You might also want to try increasing the amount of vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids in your diet by eating more nuts, olive oil, and fish like salmon and trout.

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Depression is another symptom that you may suffer from. I myself have suffered with it for many, many years, but I am cured now. I was suicidal as a teen and am quite prone to crying spells and frustrated, angry outbursts. I don't handle stress all the well and I found that my depression got much worse whenever I'd go to a new doctor because of the symptoms that have been driving me crazy, only to have them tell me nothing was wrong with me. It's such a disappointing thing to go through, thinking that maybe this new doctor is going to find out what's wrong with me, only to tell me that I'm normal. But luckily, I finally found a doctor who knows what has been wrong with me all those years.

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