Erectile dysfunction, which is also known as impotence, is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. Of course, if this happens only once or twice in a man's life we cannot speak of dysfunction at all, but when the problem persists then this is obviously a condition that should be addressed. The ED problems are far more common than most people believe - in 1999 in the United States, 22 men out of 1000 visited their health care providers complaining of erectile dysfunction problems. Even though this is a dramatic increase from a decade ago, this doesn't necessarily mean that the impotence cases are on the rise - large part of the increased number of cases could be due to culture and society changes, which made discussing sexual problems acceptable.

However, as is the case with all synthetic drugs, some side effects were to be expected and they could manifest themselves as headaches, nausea, nasal congestion, and temporary vision problems. In rare cases the adverse effects of the impotence pills can lead to far more serious consequences like hearing loss, heart attack, hypotension, and stroke. This increased the demand for safer alternative and this alternative came in the form of natural ED remedies.

Their advantages are many, but probably the number one reason for the increased number of men buying them is their impeccable safety records: the natural remedies' main ingredients are herbal extracts that do not cause any short-term or long-term side effects at all and are thus suitable for prolonged use. They are also considerably cheaper than the synthetic drugs and often for the price of just one synthetic pill you can purchase one week supply of herbal erectile dysfunction remedy. Another advantage of the natural products that are used to treat impotence is the fact that they are easily obtainable - they do not require prescription, can easily be ordered online and the delivery typically takes less than two weeks.

Natural Supplements for Male Impotence

It is proven that you will most likely solve your problem if you do choose to take colorful pills. But research proves that these pills could be devastating to your health!

On the other side of that, by curing your erectile dysfunction naturally, you will most likely cure your problem along with 4 other healthy benefits. (E.D. pills will do NONE of the following!)

1. Lose Some Weight- Some of our customers have lost up to 50 lbs of body fat by eating what your body needs. Do you know what foods keep plaque out of your arteries? Do you know what foods store body fat for years?

2. 15% Better Circulation- By choosing the natural treatment, you will boost circulation levels (cure of E.D.) by a whopping 15%. Eating the right foods and breathing exercises will pump circulation downstairs.

3. Confidence is Everything- This is a quote everyone has heard at least once! And it is true. By curing your E.D. problem, losing some pounds, looking healthier, feeling healthier and finally eat right, you WILL BE a new man and feel like one too!

4. Live Longer- Your body is using your problem to tell you something, "You are not as healthy as you think!" You need to make a change so your body can become healthy again. The result of this will be to live longer! And you can only do this by curing your problem naturally. E.D. pills will only hide your problem.

5 Effective Natural Remedies for Male Impotence

1. Your Diet- "You need to keep the arteries to the member open, and the way to do that is with low-fat, low cholesterol dieting," states Michael A Klaper, M.D., a nutritional medicine specialist. You should begin to a diet containing high fiber fruits and vegetables, lean meats (if any), legumes and low-fat foods. More details in our report.

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2. Gingko will get you going - The herb gingko will boost circulation levels in 6 to 8 weeks. Visit your closest health foods store and pick up the supplement.

3. Zinc - Whenever an individual suffers from zinc deficiency, they may suffer from negative effects on their sexual function. Most human beings suffer from zinc deficiency. The typical treatment for impotence dictates that the patient takes 15-30 mg daily. Don't take over the recommended dosage.

4. Generate a sweat - As always, regular exercise remains a fundamental part of any relaxation program. It can lower anxiety, fend off depression, boost self-esteem, detoxify your body and boost circulation. All of these will help cure E.D. For starters, try walking at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. That is only one-third of your lunch break too!

5. The 3 C's - You should cut out cigarettes and cigars. And moderate caffeine use. These 3 C's could be keeping you impotent.

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