Handling a child with an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is never an easy task most especially for the parents and the health care providers. At present, there are a lot of children who have ADHD. The growth and development of the child may be normal but as time pass by; the parents will be able to recognize that the child acts different. Parents who have a special child blame themselves because they thought that it is their fault.

Actually, the physical appearance of the child is normal. Though, they are delayed when it comes to their cognitive function. Usually, a child who has an ADHD cannot stay put on one place. They go around and explore everything around them.

They cannot even accomplisher simple and basic task that was given to them. As a parent, you should understand the situation of your child. However, it does not mean that you will be giving everything that they want; of course, you should treat your child like a normal child. You should also set limitations, especially if they are not obeying your rules.

Due to the side effects and unknown long term risks of giving kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prescription medicine, many parents are turning to natural remedies. These remedies can be very effective when given daily in a formulation that is specifically formulated to treat ADHD.

Look for all-natural, plant-based ingredients such as Tuberculinum, Arsen Iod, Verta Alb and Hyocyamus. These ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce outbursts, agitation, hyperactivity, impulsivity and tantrums, while increasing concentration and the ability to stay on task. These remedies work by providing the brain with the nutrients it needs to overcome the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder without side effects, drug interactions or any other complications.


- Brain injury

- Infectious diseases during pregnancy

- Environmental pollutants (lead, harmful toxins)

- Lack of nutrition during pregnancy

- Alcohol and tobacco consumption during pregnancy

- Premature delivery

- Low Birth Weight


Lack of Attention

- Fails to finish tasks

- Doesn't listen

- Cannot follow instructions

- Gets easily distracted

- Finds it tough to pay attention


The report goes on to deal with some rather disturbing facts coming out of UK schools at the moment. They interviewed one boy who is now thirteen and has been on the Ritalin drug for ADHD since he was six years old. He hates taking the drug and when he skips a dose, he becomes violent and gets into trouble at school. He admitted that he hated taking the drug because of certain side effects. He feels down, drained and listless. He dislikes that drug intensely but it is the only way that he can control his moods and aggression which are just normal ADHD symptoms.

The other shocking fact from this report reveals that there is considerable pressure on parents from teachers and schools to put their children on these amphetamine type drugs such as Ritalin, or Concerta XL which is a slow releasing form.

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So, there must be a cheaper, more effective and less costly treatment for ADHD. Let's face it. There are significant side effects from these drugs and nobody seems to know the long term effects on young children's brains. We are talking about amphetamines here! Who wants to be hyped up on a mind altering drug which destroys appetite and disturbs sleep patterns.?

Fortunately many parents have discovered a much safer, more effective alternative to the amphetamines. There are no side effects and no risks to the health of our children in the short or long term either. Homeopathy, much scorned by many doctors, has actually saved the day.

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