It is believed very popularly that men are always ready for sex and women do not have to excite them, simple positive nod from them will turn men on. To an extent this can be true but certainly not always and even for men sex become boring or uninteresting. In an old relationship lovemaking do drop low on the priority list and there are many causes for this to happen even if genuine reasons are considered one cannot deny the fact that boring love life or lack of romance can kill any relationship does not matter how old or matured it is.

Women always play important role in relationship and so they can do to even spice up the love life, a role which was previously not considered as a women's part, but today with busy lifestyle and both men and women working to earn it has become very important that female partner should be able to hold the reins if male partner is getting dormant. Remember unlike popular belief it is not easy to excite men for sex.

Surprise him, break the rules, such behavior is appreciated by men. Make him skip a heart beat by dropping a message on phone or mail or by slipping a note in his pocket with something naughty or something you would like to do to him when he comes back home. Keep in mind what sort of things would turn him on, it can be an adult joke or even a romantic poem or anything of his taste.

Senses are directly connected to brain and a woman can captivate a man's mind through his senses very easily. Give dose to his all five senses, wear something sexy, see through gown with hot lingerie or no lingerie, smell nice and change the looks of the bedroom even if you do not want to perform in bedroom. Touch him where he likes them very much except his sex organ, give teasing touches. Kiss his neck and say something exciting in his ears, if your relationship is matured enough you can say something dirty. All of these will certainly excite your man for sex.

Way to Excite a Woman and Get Her Ready For a Wild Night

The number one way to get a woman sexually excited is to play with her emotions. You should know by now that women communicate largely more with their emotions more than their logic in social situations while it is the opposite with men.

If you want to get her sexually excited, you need to cater to this by putting her on an emotional rollercoaster.

The best way to do this is by playing the push-pull game with her. This is where you keep your behaviour random so that she can never get you 'figured out'.

What I like to do is playfully tease her for something she just said, and when she gets a little angry at me I will bring her in for a hug.

On one hand I am disqualifying my interest for her (teasing her) and on the other hand I am re-qualifying myself (bringing her in for a hug).

These random acts never allow her to get a grasp on my intentions. And the more I do it, the more she begins attempting to qualify herself to me. She does this by asking me questions about myself and trying to keep my attention.

If done correctly (and you never allow her to break your state) this builds up tons of sexual tension between the two of you. This tension easily shifts to frustration within her.

Another great way is to rip her clothes off. If she wears old panties you can put your hand into it and twist it around to rip it with more ease. Then hold her down with one hand as you rip her panties of with the other. Make sure you'll pull hard and sidewards so that the force of the rip will go into her hip, instead of any sensitive area. Like slamming her back into a door, this is very dominant.

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Another awesome way to convey more dominance is by pulling her hair. In order to use this you need to grab her hair as closest to the roots as possible and pull her head in whatever direction you want. When performed well, women will love this sensation. This is great when you are standing behind her sucking her neck. You can also do this to make her look you in the eyes when having sex which will add more emotion to your lovemaking as well.

Finally, a good way to manhandle your girl is by spanking her. If you two start to play wrestle you can put her over your knee, bring her pants down and spank her hard. As this part of the body has a lot of muscles and fat it's able to take quite a punishment before it hurts to much. You can spank her any time her ass is exposed.

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